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Life is a Journey. Share it.
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  About Ridester  

Ridester’s mission is to provide the most affordable and effective intercity travel option in America by leveraging the power of community. Austin entrepreneur Jake Boshernitzan first conceived the Ridester idea while a college student at the University of Texas. He noticed that the campus’ and online ride boards were so disorganized and flakey that most students didn't consider them an option. These options lacked usability and finding people going the same way at the same time was nearly impossible.

  The Ridester Advantage:  


1. Cost-effective – The cost of traveling via Ridester is lower than by Greyhound, Amtrak, or driving alone.
2. Dependable – Ridester reinforces the community with feedback-ratings and pre-trip payment verification.
3. Flexible – Find travelers who accommodate you whether you’re traveling with a pit-bull or like to smoke.
4. Smart - Route processing technology associates nearby towns and zip codes to do the searching for you.
5. Easy – Save your ride request or offer, and we’ll let you know of new matches by text-message or email.
6. Fun – Meet new people and make new friends. After all, life is a journey. Share it!

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