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  Ridester is a road trip market place where you can offer rides and get paid by people needing rides
  along your route. Now, it's easy to cover costs on your next road trip!
  How it Works
  1. Join Ridester for FREE.
  2. Build a personal profile and share your travel preferences for gender, music type, smoking, and age.
  3. List a trip including your route, trip date, estimated time, and asking price.
  4. Get an email (or even text message) the moment anyone requests a ride along your route!
     Riders will easily find your trip listing using our advanced route processing.
  5. Approve or Decline a rider's request after reviewing the route, profile, and past feedback-ratings.
  6. After a rider pays your asking price, the rider can access an e-ticket with your contact details and a
     unique payment code. When you complete the trip offer, simply submit the payment code to Ridester
      to get your money. Options for getting paid include a check by mail or instant payment through PayPal.
  7. Leave positive, negative, or neutral feedback and don't forget to include your comments!
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